Cheap transfers from Malaga Airport to My Golf Courses

Malaga Airport is a new Terminal glass built metropolis that lights the skyline around the Churriana district of Malaga. I wont much more about the airport as Malaga travel guide write many detailed pieces over at


The EU investment is on show in the newly found motorway A7 autopiste upgrades and clean architectural marvel that is Malaga Airport.

One thing that doesn’t change at the airport is the huge waiting lines of taxi, busy people and tourists and businessmen running for

My minibus taxi turned up on time at Marbella Andalucia H10 Hotel. I wondered if I would be paying through the nose like last time?

I need not have worried as due to me pre-booking the transfer I got a guaranteed rate that I knew before getting inside the minibus transfer to the airport.

As well as knowing my fair I also only paid on arrival which is reassuring to learn especially when drivers often take the mick and even though they speak English pretend not to. My shiny new minibus turned up on time was sporting a large case and golf trailer which my English driver reassured me was from a previous lads golfing holiday weekend.

Costa del Sol, especially this time of year sporting sporadic sunny hot days and generally dry afternoons is perfect season for golfers from all nations.

I had a wonderful stay visiting friends and making new ones under the winter sun. I really didn’t want to leave but it made sense for me to go back to the UK on my quick 3 hour flights to Heathrow.

Economy class here I come!!invezstbank

What to pack on Holidays for a winter break?

The long and short of it was I learned on the job. My shortlist for Malaga is as follows reasons underneath.

Passport, currency, driving license and wallet dont count :-)

  1. shorts, sunglasses and sun cream
  2. coat, scarf and wooly hat
  3. mp3 player
  4. a phrasebook
  5. pad and paper
  6. spare mobile phone battery
  7. UK to Spanish adapter
  8. a cheap throw away mobile phone that has no color screen and no apps on. Battery lasts forever.
  9. Your nearest Liverpool boozer!
  10. tablet or kindle
  11. emergency credit cards

SPain is a lot of things to a lot of people.